FLIR Fishing Team cruises in style and fishes with purpose in their custom Intrepid 400 Center Console, Seas the Day.

Check out Intrepid’s newest boat, the 410 Evolution, custom-design a boat of your own, or see what else Intrepid has to offer at

The New Intrepid 410 Evolution

The Intrepid 410 Evolution is a 41.19-foot byproduct of 32 years of evolution and 2 years of creation. And when you experience it, there will be no doubt in your mind it was well worth the wait.

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Custom configure and style your new Intrepid.  Just pick a model and experiment with various power packages, hull and accent colors, tops, windscreens, rails, dive doors and more. Then save or send the image for discussion with our design team, family members or friends.

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